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Decorative Designer Mirrors

We are continually expanding our collections of hand crafted mirrors made here in the borders of Scotland and Cumbria. All our mirrors are hand decorated with platinum coated lead to give a bright silvery effect. Designs include Charles Rennie Mackintosh designs in many sizes and types, and Minimalist, Heritage and Celtic designs in our 17" x 4" 'Slimline' Gift Mirrors. At present we are showing just our Mackintosh and Minimalist decorative Mirrors on this site, but we hope to put the Heritage and Celtic mirrors on soon.

Our 'slimline' smaller mirrors and our three part 'Triptych' sets, come beautifully gift boxed in black and silver lid boxes and they make ideal gifts for many different special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas gifts, weddings, anniversaries, Valentines Day and many others - bridesmaids' gifts too.

Click on a picture to view the collection of designs within that section.


Decorative Designer Mirrors

Decorative Small Mackintosh Mirrors Page 1 Decorative Small Mackintosh Mirrors Page 1
Slimline Gift Mirrors, just 17" long by approximately 4" wide, in elegant black and silver gift boxes. Price £25 each boxed. .

Made by us in the borders of Scotland.

We have lots of different collections of designs and colours in our small Slimline Mirrors, including not only Charles Rennie Mackintosh, but also Celtic, and lovely Minimalist,designs.
Decorative Small Mackintosh Mirrors Page 2 Decorative Small Mackintosh Mirrors Page 2
Page2. Further beautiful new Mackintosh 'slimline' mirror designs - and lovely new colours in others!

They all make original and unusual Birthday, Wedding,and Christmas gifts, and 'New Home' presents for all ages.

Sometimes people even buy them for themselves! Why not? They are lovely!
Small Designer Mirrors - matching pairs-Mackintosh Small Designer Mirrors - matching pairs-Mackintosh
We make a number of our small designer mirrors as matching pairs. They look really good in living rooms or bedrooms either side of a mantlepiece or door, or just together. The size of each mirror is 17" long and approximately 4" wide (just like our other small mirrors) and they are £25 each or £50 a pair.

Please note - we have had to photograph the mirrors from the side, so these images look rather distorted. Each mirror is, of course, a long rectangle with nice square corners!
Decorative Small Mirrors - Minimalist Designs Decorative Small Mirrors - Minimalist Designs
Our gift boxed small Mackintosh mirrors for the home have been extremely popular, so we are expanding the collection to include more simple designs, like our Minimalist selection here, and Celtic and Heritage styles too. Like the Mackintosh small 'slimline' mirrors, they are 17" x 4" and are leaded mirrors, with the lead flashed with platinum. Designs by Mara Eagle. Designed and made entirely in the UK.

All designs copyright Mara Eagle 2008/2009
Triptychs - Three part Mackintosh Mirrors Triptychs - Three part Mackintosh Mirrors

Because of the success of our individual 'slimline' mirrors (17" x 4.25"), we have been asked for matching sets of mirrors featuring some of the most popular of our designs. We now present below a selection of designs as 'Triptych' Mirror Sets, each set featuring matching reversed pairs of 'slimline' mirrors with a Rectangular Mirror (17" x 12") as a central feature. Rectangular Mirrors may also be purchased separately. Whether purchased as Triptych Sets or individual Rectangular Mirrors, all our mirrors are beautifully presented in elegant black gift boxes, making them very desirable, quality gifts for all special occasions, particularly for anniversaries, weddings, and for those starting out in a new home.


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