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Winged Heart Gifts > Bird designs for Window Decorations

6" diameter Bird design Window Roundels 6" diameter Bird design Window Roundels
Our hand painted glass window roundels have been drawn here in the borders of Scotland and Cumbria. We cut the glass roundels from large sheets, hand print them with the black line design and then carefully hand colour using transparent glass lacquers. They are then framed with traditional stained glass lead and hung with trace chain. They make very attractive window decorations.

We have a very large collection of bird designs now in our roundels. To see the 6" diameter collection, click on the Robin picture to the left.


Please see above our current range of bird designs, which will appeal to all bird lovers and 'Twitchers' ! Some of our handpainted glass bird window decorations appear from time to time in the RSPB catalogue, the British equivalent of the US Audubon magazine. They are not only delightful gifts in their own right for any bird enthusiast, but also serve a valuable purpose in acting as deterrents against birds flying into windows and hurting themselves.
In our main 6-inch glass product size, listed above, as well as British birds we have a couple of American ones - our Christmas Cardinals, and a Hummingbird design. We hope you enjoy all our bird designs, which have been drawn especially for our stained glass ranges!

Winged Heart Gifts > Bird designs for Window Decorations

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