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Frequently Asked Questions about our Glass Gifts

Q: What is the best way to clean my glass boxes and picture frames?

A: These are glass paintings- NOT 'Suncatchers'. Our colours are hand painted with crystal clear lacquers, not fired-on enamels, They look best in north light or east facing windows. Avoid constant strong sunlight or sun-trap locations for full colour retention. Given suitable care our painted glass may give pleasure over many years. Remember, they are gifts, not family heirlooms. Clean glass with a 'huff' and a soft cloth only. A 'huff' is enough! No immersion in water or spirit cleaners. Please forgive the occasional blemish - they are made by human beings, not machines. We think that is important.

Q: I cannot get the suction cup to stick properly on my window?

A: We find that if you use a smear of egg white instead of lick this prevents it drying out.

Q: Why are your shipping rates to the USA so high?

A: Our products are quite heavy for their size - glass, metal and lead are used in their production. We have always used Air Mail to ensure a quick delivery but this is expensive. We are introducing Surface Shipping which takes longer but is much cheaper. Air mail will remain an option for those who need items quickly.
Q:Are Winged Heart glass items likely to get broken in transit by post?

A: We don't get many breakages at all because we have taken trouble to pack them as well as we can, to try to ensure that they get to their destinations safely. Firstly, every item has its own individual protective gift box, very attractive, yes, but also very protective. Then when we put an order in the post we use bubble wrap and export quality cartons (or quality padded Jiffy bags in the case of small orders) well-packed to reduce the risk further. We can't guarantee that no breakages will occur, but if they do we will replace items notified to us by email within 7 days of arrival at destination. It is very unusual for more than one item to get damaged in transit, so if this happened we may ask you to send back them back for inspection at our cost, so that we can check why this happened and try to improve things if it is something we can do.
So, we hope this may reassure you. Breakages don't happen much, even though our things are made of glass. So, shop with confidence!.

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