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Winged Heart Gifts  >  STAINED GLASS DESIGNS- INDEX PAGE  >  Cathedral Stained Glass Designs from the UK

Guildford Cathedral - Holy Spirit Guildford Cathedral - Holy Spirit
Centre of the Rose Window in Guildford Cathedral. Small roundelette size 2.5 ins/70mm diam.

Price:   £9.99 / $12.99



We have re-drawn stained glass windows from many of Britain's ancient cathedrals and churches, including wonderfully colourful rose windows, decorative motives, angels, and symbols. We think they make beautiful stained glass window decorations for the home. Many cathedrals have asked us to reproduce their most loved and classic stained glass windows, and you will find these in their cathedral gift shops, and in many cases also here online.

Carlisle Cathedral - Nativity Panel Carlisle Cathedral - Nativity Panel
Detail from the beautiful Carlisle Cathedral East Window - a gem of its kind. This is an 8 inch long hand painted glass panel, gift boxed. 

Price:   £20.99 / $27.29


York Minster - Rose Window. York Minster - Rose Window.
The York 'Rose Window' is one of the most dramatic and famous in Northern England, appearing almost modern yet in fact a composition designed in 16th century to celebrate the marriage in 1486 of King Henry 7th and Elizabeth of York. This marriage finally brought to an end the 'Wars of the Roses' that had divided British feudal nobility in war between 1450 and 1485, thus linking the House of Lancaster to the House of York and bringing about peace.( Henry 8th was son of this union). The central sunburst motif was added by William Peckitt of York in the late 18th century, it being the badge of the House of York.
William Morris -  Praying Angel Roundel William Morris - Praying Angel Roundel
The 'Praying Angel' is a supremely successful inspirational work by William Morris, leader of the Arts and Crafts movement of the mid-1800s. It is one of a series of six such panels, set against celestial skies. A great feeling of peace and devotion is given off by this wonderful composition. The original 'church window' is at Cattistock Church. This Roundel is also available as a church window shaped Panel as shown below.
Other wonderful William Morris and Burne Jones stained glass window designs are shown in our Pre-Raphaelite Collection (see Index Page), including many angels, always a popular Victorian subject..
Carlisle Cathedral - Snowflake Motif Carlisle Cathedral - Snowflake Motif
Lovely colourful motif from the stained glass in Carlisle Cathedral, Cumbria. Pocket sized Carlsle Cathedral was rebuilt by Edward 1st in about 1300 AD, and the Great East Window is particularly famous. Carlisle Cathedral is not widely known nationally for either its lovely stained glass or superb architecture and deserves to be more visited. You can look for Runes carved in the stone by construction workers in the southern entrance doorway. Carlisle Cathedral also has some exquisite extensive painted wooden panels from the 1400's, not to mention the famous, wonderful carved wooden Brougham Tryptich - overlooked by the stained glass Carlisle 'Snowflake Motif' window (faithfully re-drawn by us) shown here.
Canterbury Cathedral - Grisaille Motif Canterbury Cathedral - Grisaille Motif
Grisaille Motif. Grisaille is a style of stained glass window decoration adopted in the 14th Century to allow light through a stained glass window. The 14th Century equivalent of a 'Minimalist' design, using line to create a design with cross-hatching to simulate tone. Use of grisaille meant that large areas of stained glass could be made less expensively as less coloured glass was used - but it became an art form in itself, and can be seen in many of the medieval cathedrals in Britain. This example is a typical one from Canterbury Cathedral.
Canterbury Cathedral - Quatrefoil Motif Canterbury Cathedral - Quatrefoil Motif
A wonderful example of a 14th Century glass mandala from a window in Canterbury Cathedral. One of our most popular stained glass reproductions.
Chester Cathedral -  Little Angel with Blue Wings Chester Cathedral - Little Angel with Blue Wings
6" diameter hand painted glass Window Roundel from one of two charming Chester angels. Chester Cathedral has some superb stained glass ancient and modern. We have reproduced some of it in our hand painted glass products, including two charming angels.
Chester Cathedral - Little Angel with pink wings Chester Cathedral - Little Angel with pink wings
One of a pair of beautifully drawn praying angels from the stained glass of Chester Cathedral. Hand painted glass Roundel, 6" diameter.
Carlisle Cathedral - The Creator Carlisle Cathedral - The Creator
This image of God is at the centre of a beautiful Creation window in Carlisle Cathedral. A very unusual window, elegantly drawn - it is one of the wonderful stained glass windows in this pocket sized cathedral in Cumbria. Our Roundel is 6" in diameter.
Hexham Abbey - Grisaille Motif Hexham Abbey - Grisaille Motif
Another attractive 'Grisaille' (grey) stained glass motif, this time from the wonderful Hexham Abbey in Northumberland. A very pretty window decoration.
Hexham Abbey - Icthus (Trinity) Motif Hexham Abbey - Icthus (Trinity) Motif
We have taken this beautifully conceived motif from a plaque in Hexham Abbey. Hexham is one of the jewels of the North, and just along the A69 from our studio. This Christian symbol of the Trinity is particularly lovely.
Norwich Cathedral -Julian's Cat  Norwich Cathedral -Julian's Cat
This charming depiction of the pet cat belonging to Julian of Norwich accompanies her in the cathedral window. We have produced our hand painted reproduction in a 4" diameter sized glass Window Roundel.
Lincoln Cathedral - Blue Quatrefoil Motif Lincoln Cathedral - Blue Quatrefoil Motif
One of the many decorative motives from the stained glass in Lincoln Cathedral. A particularly colourful example.
Lincoln Cathedral - Grisaille Motif Lincoln Cathedral - Grisaille Motif
Another lovely motif from Lincoln Cathedral stained glass. Grisaille (grey) glass motives can be seen in most of the Cathedrals in the UK and Europe, and it is amazing how many variations in design there are. This one is particularly bold.
Durham Cathedral - St. Cuthbert's Cross - Red Durham Cathedral - St. Cuthbert's Cross - Red
A rich, red, background behind the image of St. Cuthbert's jewelled cross from Durham Cathedral. A 6" diameter Window Roundel.
Westminster Abbey Rose Window Westminster Abbey Rose Window
Hand painted glass Window Roundel reproducing the magnificent Rose Window from Westminster Abbey. Our roundel is 6" in diameter.
Windsor Castle Tudor Rose Stained Glass Motif Windsor Castle Tudor Rose Stained Glass Motif
Tudor Rose Window Roundel 6" in diameter. This lovely Tudor Rose is a detail from a window in St. George's Chapel, Windsor.
Walsingham Madonna Small Panel Walsingham Madonna Small Panel
A detail from a beautiful stained glass window at the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham in Norfolk.
Pre-Raphaelite - Angel Praying Panel Pre-Raphaelite - Angel Praying Panel
The 'Praying Angel' is such a special devotional and inspirational piece that we decided to make it in a choice of two larger sizes, and shaped to the original church window. It is truly a beautiful work of art, and a favourite of many of our customers, the larger size particularly. The William Morris Studio made the original window from a design by Edward Burne-Jones.
Westminster Abbey - St. George and the Dragon Westminster Abbey - St. George and the Dragon
This depiction of St. George is from a stained glass window in Westminster Abbey. It is 19th Century, and full of life and movement.
Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham - Annunciation Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham - Annunciation
This beautiful hand painted glass panel is detail from a stained glass window at the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham in Norfolk. The colours of the original stained glass are particularly lovely, and we have tried to reproduce them as closely as possible.
Canterbury Cathedral - Pilgrims to Canterbury Canterbury Cathedral - Pilgrims to Canterbury
Canterbury Cathedral is one of the most beautiful of the early Christian cathedrals. Located at eye-level in the Corona, this wonderful leaded panel, approximately 3 feet in diameter, encapsulates all the religious fervour and enthusiasm of the pilgrims as they near the shrine of St. Thomas Becket, martyred for his faith in the Cathedral by four knights of King Henry 2nd of England, for which act he later did penance. We are left with this jewel of high stained glass art commemorating the devotion of pilgrims from all over Europe.
Canterbury Cathedral - Madonna and Child Canterbury Cathedral - Madonna and Child
This is one of a pair of panels from the Christopher Whall window in the south-west transept of the cathedral (linking up with Three Angels overlooking the crib from the left). An ox and an ass look on, in the stable at Bethlehem. A window full of devotion to Mary and Jesus.
Lincoln Minster - Noah's Ark Lincoln Minster - Noah's Ark
Beautiful reproduction, in miniature, of a detail from an early stained glass window from Lincoln Cathedral which was, for some 250 years, the tallest building in the world.
Rose Window, Durham Cathedral  Rose Window, Durham Cathedral
This is a beautiful reproduction, in miniature, of the rose window from the chapel of the nine altars in Durham Cathedral. The window was remodelled at the end of the 18th century and reglazed in the 19th century. It depicts Christ in Majesty in the centre surrounded by the 12 Apostles who in turn are surrounded by 24 figures from the Book of Revelation.
Rose Window detail, Durham Cathedral Rose Window detail, Durham Cathedral
Durham Cathedral grows on you with every visit. The eye-catching Rose Window fills the Great East Window. We have re-drawn it in three alternative 'close-up' views:- Durham 1. is the central portion, of Jesus in Majesty; Durham 2. takes in the Ring of Saints around Him; Durham 3. is the whole window which is much loved by visitors. This detail shows the inner 'rose' of the window with Christ surrounded by the 12 apostles.
Nativity, Winchester Cathedral Nativity, Winchester Cathedral
Winchester Cathedral is fortunate in having several magnificent full length windows designed by Burne-Jones and executed by William Morris. A detail is here shown in Roundel form, with the typical 'Arts and Crafts' pre-Raphaelite treatment of Mary and the boy child, curled around him protectively
Rose Window, St. David's Cathedral, Wales Rose Window, St. David's Cathedral, Wales
From St. David's Cathedral (Tyddewi, David's House) in the South West of Wales comes this wonderful rose window. The Lamb of God is in the middle, surrounded by Saints. St. David's Cathedral is on the site of an early abbey church founded by St. David, in the 6th Century. He is now the much loved Patron Saint of Wales. St. David was a disciple of the father of the Celtic saints in Wales, Illtyd, who first founded a monastery at Llantwit Major, Glamorgan. Many came to study the scriptures there, and every branch of philosophy, art, poetry, rhetoric and arithmetic. Gildas was educated by Illtyd.
Ship of Souls, Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford  Ship of Souls, Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford
The 'Ship of Fools' was designed by Edward Burne-Jones for Powells of Whitefriars in 1858. Burne-Jones famously worked with the William Morris Studio later on but this piece pre-dated the founding of William Morris' company. Whitefriars were fine stained glass makers, and, if you get the chance to see this piece in situ in Christ Church, you will be captivated by its beauty.
Noah's Ark Ely Cathedral Noah's Ark Ely Cathedral
Noak's Ark is a splendid composition, very popular with children. It shows quaintly drawn animals being led over the gang-plank onto the ark, which is drawn like some Byzantine building. A pair of lions lead, with two sheep or goats not far behind, and two giraffes after that. In the air a pair of doves wheel in, all presented in 13th century style glass.
Madonna and Child Nativity Madonna and Child Nativity
Beautiful, traditional, representation of Mary and the Christ Child in a Nativity composition.
Durham Cathedral - St Cuthbert's Cross - Blue Durham Cathedral - St Cuthbert's Cross - Blue
Durham Cathedral has been voted one of the world's great cultural buildings and it is truly impressive. Begun by the Normans shortly after the conquest of England at the Battle of Hastings in 1066, high on a steep hill almost completely encircled by the River Wear, with the quaint cobbled streets of the old town cascading down to the bridges. Durham Cathedral grows on you with every visit. Durham is fortunate in having the preserved remains of St. Cuthbert, holy saint from the Lindisfarne Islands off the wild Northumbrian coast, the earliest Christian Abbey of the evangelical revival that took place in the north of England in the early 7th century. Around Cuthbert's neck was found this simple, wonderful jewelled cross, with gold enamelled with garnets. Our stained glass interpretation of the cross was done in homage to that great Saint, who is buried at Durham Cathedral.
St Hugh's Swan, Lincoln Minster St Hugh's Swan, Lincoln Minster
A beautiful reproduction, in miniature, of a detail from fine window in Lincoln Cathedral in England which is dedicated to St Hugh of Lincoln. St Hugh was bishop of Lincoln from 1186 until 1200 and is usually symbolised with a swan as he is said to have kept one as a pet.
Winged Heart Gifts  >  STAINED GLASS DESIGNS- INDEX PAGE  >  Cathedral Stained Glass Designs from the UK

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