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York Minster - Rose Window

The York 'Rose Window' is one of the most dramatic and famous in Northern England, appearing almost modern yet in fact a composition designed in 16th century to celebrate the marriage in 1486 of King Henry 7th and Elizabeth of York. This marriage finally brought to an end the 'Wars of the Roses' that had divided British feudal nobility in war between 1450 and 1485, thus linking the House of Lancaster to the House of York and bringing about peace. Henry 8th was son of this union. The central sunburst motif was added by William Peckitt of York in the late 18th century, it being the badge of the House of York.

York Rose Window - Roundel

York Rose Window - Roundel

Our Roundel is a handpainted glass reproduction of the York Rose Window, and a gift for lovers of rose windows and mandalas.

Size: 6" diameter (155mm) More

Price: £19.99


York Rose Window - Roundelette

York Rose Window - Roundelette

A miniature version of the above roundel. Handpainted. Gift boxed in burgundy.

Size: 2.5" diameter (69mm) More

Price: £9.99


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